Migration services

If necessary, we can act as the intermediary in relationship with our customers developing the business in the EU and we may act as the intermediary applying for a temporary residence permit in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia. The aforementioned countries has different requirements on this matter:

Business migration is available in Lithuania if an applicant for a temporary residence permit is:

The shareholder and/or director of a Lithuanian company is a company participant who has the right to conclude transactions on its behalf, is a shareholder of an AB or UAB, and owns shares representing at least 1/3 of the company's share capital by property right.

An applicant for a temporary residence permit in the Republic of Lithuania must submit a certificate of no criminal record issued in their country.

A company is required:

A valid travel document (passport);
a temporary residence permit;
one photograph corresponding to the person's age;
documents of company establishment or acquisition and its articles of association (bylaws);
a business plan;

Documents confirming that the company has been engaged in the economic commercial activity specified in the establishment documents in the Republic of Lithuania for at least the last 6 months prior to applying for a temporary residence permit according to the business plan (contracts confirming economic commercial activity, bank statements of this company, annual income tax declaration, lease agreement, etc.).

Documents confirming that the company employs citizens of the Republic of Lithuania, other Member States of the European Union or European Free Trade Association Member States or foreigners permanently residing in the Republic of Lithuania, whose monthly salary collectively amounts to no less than 2 times the last published average monthly gross wage of the country's economy by the Lithuanian Department of Statistics (employment contracts with these individuals).

Documents confirming that the company's own capital (in the case of entities other than JSC or LLC - assets) amounts to no less than 28 thousand euros (for example, the company's interim financial report (balance sheet or statement of changes in equity)), of which no less than 14 thousand euros are funds invested by the foreigner or other assets.

Documents confirming that the foreigner is the company's director or is a shareholder of a AB or UAB, owning shares representing no less than 1/3 of the share capital of this company by property right (for example, a list of shareholders of AB or UAB).

Documents confirming that the foreigner has sufficient funds and/or receives regular income (for example, employment contracts) to support themselves in the Republic of Lithuania.

A list of foreign countries where the foreigner has visited and/or resided during the validity period of the temporary residence permit.

In any case, the Migration Department makes an individual decision regarding the issuance of a Temporary Residence Permit to each person.

Latvia offers a few ways for achievement a temporary residence permit:

1. Acquisition of a real estate. The value of such property should be not less than EUR 250.000.
2. A subordinated bank loan. We would like to emphasize separately that this is not fixed-term deposit prohibited by the country! The total cost of such mean amounts to not less than EUR 305.000 (the loan of EUR 280.000 and the duty stamp of EUR 25.000).
3. An investment into a Latvian company should be over EUR 35.000.
4. Employment in a Latvian board or council subject to a monthly wage is not less than EUR 1.368 and a company pays annual taxes of not less than EUR 14.300.

Business migration is available in Estonia. A temporary residence permit is granted on the ground of economic activity. A person may invest into any existing or newly founded legal entity or act as an individual interpreneur. The required amount of the investment should be not less than EUR 65.000 for a legal person and not less than EUR 16.000 for an individual interpreneur. An investment is recognised the own equity, contributions to assets or subordinated loans.

For the purpose of achievement a temporary residence permit, the business should be carried out in Estonia – a company should commence active operations in the Estonian market, pay taxes, employ local residents.