Conditions for registering a company in Dubai (UAE)

Types of Companies in Dubai.  

Companies operating in the country's domestic market ("mainland");

Free Zone Companies (FZCO)
International Offshore Companies (International Business Company).

Only a "local" company can operate in the UAE territory:

("Mainland" company)

The peculiarity of local business is registration in the mainland part of the country, outside the Free Zone boundaries. Such a company can rent an office and operate in all Emirates, as well as in any country around the Persian Gulf. In 2019, Arab laws allowed foreigners to own 100% of local company capital under 120 business activity names. That is, entrepreneurs operating in certain sectors are no longer required to collaborate with UAE nationals. To comply with the laws, it is sufficient to work with a local agent who formally represents the company's interests before the state and performs only administrative functions.


1. Registration and document preparation. 

2. License selection according to the business.

3. Obtaining a tourist visa with subsequent conversion to a residence visa.

4. Opening a bank account. 

5. Continuous maintenance of the company's business requirements system, including VAT, accounting, etc.

Minimum service completion period is 30 days.

Service price:

The service costs approximately 15,500 euros, including the entire set of company documents, a commercial license, a work visa, office rental expenses, power of attorney, bank account opening, government fees (the service includes projected first-year expenses, annual expenses such as rent, accounting, auditing, taxes and government fees, other fees, etc.).

 You need to sign an agreement with this proposal and provide contact details for the director and shareholder, copies of passports, proposed names for 3 company variants, and photos of the shareholder's passport (selfies). If the company director (the one applying for residency visa) has not previously visited the UAE, a tourist visa is required to generate a unique immigration number (UID).

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