Company “Andumpark Limited” is registered in UK in 2003, and since that date main company’s activities are legal entities registration, tax consulting, accounting and legal services. Company’s business is located in Vilnius, Lithuania.

From the beginning company worked as registry agent of Canadian, Cyprus and UK law firms, and over 500 clients have been serviced successfully until present. Main registry jurisdictions are UK, Hong Kong, Cyprus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovakia, Poland and some others. In addition to registry and accounting services, company also provides some legal service, linked to migration and temporary residence obtaining to customers, who are investing in EU (mostly Baltic States).

Big part of activities contains to banking, such as account opening, daily operations, bank products distribution and preliminary consultations. Company already has signed agent agreements with banks in Baltic States, EU and Carribean. Some other regions are accessible through partners of the company.

Children’s checkers tournament

We were very glad that on March 15th The Tauras sports school in Vilnius has successfully passed our sponsored children’s checkers tournament. Vilnius checkers Tournament this year met participants with a slogan: “lots of nationalities, one family”.
The organizers of the tournament are Maccabi Baltic and Ars Libera International, sponsors are “Anra Investicija” and “Andumpark Limited” companies.